What Teens Want You to Know (But Don’t Tell You) 2016

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OCTOBER 13, 2016

Roy Petitfils has spent years listening to young people, as a youth minister, an educator, a parent and now as a therapist. He’s heard them share things he knew they weren’t sharing with their friends, other adults and their teachers. In this dynamic, humorous session Roy will share what’s really going on inside the minds and hearts of young people. You’ll be surprised by what they most deeply want you to know about them and what they really want and need from you. You’ll walk away with tools and strategies for incorporating this information into the way you parent and minister to teens.

This workshop was presented by Roy Petitfils who loves to cook, be outdoors and spend time with his family. He is a licensed counselor in private practice where he helps people find meaning in their lives, reconnect with their spiritual selves and grow in spiritual and emotional wholeness. Prior to becoming a counselor Roy studied ministry and spirituality for five years both in the US and in Rome. He has worked with young people for twenty years as a youth minister, a professional educator and administrator, school counselor and now as a counselor in private practice.

Roy has written four books, the latest What Teens Want You to Know, but Don’t Tell You. Roy is passionate about helping adults connect matters of faith to their real life experience. His blue collar roots, natural humor, contagious enthusiasm and diverse background have made him an internationally sought after presenter. Roy and his wife Mindi of 14 years live in South Louisiana with their two sons, Max and Ben.