Tools for the Journey: The Pilgrimage of Faith 2016 – With Audience

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FEBRUARY 1, 2016

The richness of our Catholic faith provides many different ways to encounter God through prayer, contemplation, journey, and action. An ancient spiritual practice in the Church is to “go on pilgrimage” as a way to deepen our relationship with the Lord. The dictionary says a pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. What is a pilgrimage? How does this type of spiritual journey follow in our Catholic Biblical tradition? What are some classic pilgrimage sites – and some ways to discern your own pilgrimage path?

This workshop was presented by Timothy Mullner, D. Min. who is a lifelong catechist. He has presented faith formation workshops and retreats in over 125 dioceses in the US and abroad. Timothy has served in parish, diocesan, and Catholic publishing ministries. Currently he serves US parishes at Faith Journeys, using travel as a tool for lifelong faith formation.

For information on hosting a pilgrimage, please contact Kim Madonia at 708-275-8922.