Why @pos+le (Apostle)?

@pos+le (Apostle) Blog Articles are postings available for reflection and comment. 

The followers of Jesus have always had two important responsibilities: to learn the truths and obey the teachings of the Jesus Christ, their Master (discipleship) AND to be sent out to share that message of love, that truth, with others (apostolate). Catholic parish life focuses on both forming disciples (through prayer, worship, and catechesis) – and on remembering WHY we are being formed: we are formed as disciples for mission. How do we discern our purpose in Christ, our Baptismal call? And how does the Living Christ strengthen us on our journey? @pos+le (Apostle) turns our focus towards putting the gift of our faith into ACTION!

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“Everyone should diligently prepare themselves for the apostolate [for mission], this preparation being the more urgent in adulthood. For the advance of age brings with it a more open mind, enabling each person to detect more readily the talents with which God has enriched his or her soul and to exercise more effectively those charisms which the Holy Spirit has bestowed on them for the good of their brethren.”

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity,
Apostolicam Actuositatem,
Solemnly Promulgated by His Holiness, Pope Paul VI
November 18, 1965